Bourns CD-LAB2
15 318.00
Bourns CD-LAB3
8 961.00
Bourns CD-LAB5
16 083.00
GTC 2N4891
2 649.00
IXYS Integrated Circuits / Clare IAA170P Solid State Relay 50mA 1.4V DC-IN 0.1A 350V 16-Pin SOIC Tube
75 273.00
IXYS Integrated Circuits / Clare IAB110P Integrated Telecom Circuit 16-Pin SOIC Tube
IXYS Integrated Circuits / Clare IAB110PTR Integrated Telecom Circuit 16-Pin SOIC Tube
NTE Electronics 2N2646 Unijunction Transistor 3-Pin TO-18
1 956.00
NTE Electronics 6401 Unijunction Transistor 3-Pin TO-18
NTE Electronics NTE1013 Hybrid Module 9-lead SIP-AM If AMP AF Preamp Vcc= 20V Max
12 006.00
NTE Electronics NTE174 Germanium TV Damper Diode 1000V If=3.5A TO-66 Case
33 744.00
NTE Electronics NTE178MP Diode Matched Pair 50V If=0.07A Do-7 Case
65 538.00
NTE Electronics NTE2076 Integrated Circuit 7-satge Darlington Transistor Array W/clamp Diode
92 145.00
NTE Electronics NTE2079 Integrated Circuit 7-stage Darlington Transistor Array 16-lead DIP
1 809.00
NTE Electronics NTE2087 Integrated Circuit 4-stage Darlington Transistor Array W/pre-drive Stage For 5v Ttl Use 16-lead DIP
1 626.00
NTE Electronics NTE504 Rectifier - Selenium TV High Voltage 19.5K
1 326.00
NTE Electronics NTE534 Rectifier - Tripler Silicon TV High Voltage
8 058.00
NTE Electronics NTE5390 Bridge Rectifier - 200V 35A Single Phase Full Wave SIP Package
135 297.00
NTE Electronics NTE6238 Rectifier Module 1600V 320amp Uses 2 High Voltage Power Diodes Connected In Series Isolated Base
119 070.00
NTE Electronics NTE6400 Transistor Unijunction Silicon TO-39 Ie=50ma Itr=0.45-0.80 Rbbo=4-12kohm Vbb=35V
14 748.00
NTE Electronics NTE6400A Unijunction Transistor Vbb=55V TO-39/TO-5 Case Itr=0.54-0.67 Ie=50ma Rbbo=4-12K Ohm
15 219.00
NTE Electronics NTE6401 Transistor Unijunction Silicon TO-18 Vbb=35V Ie=50ma Itr=0.56-0.75 Rbbo=4.7-9.1K Ohm
2 205.00
NTE Electronics NTE6402 Transistor Silicon Programmable Unijunction TO-92 Case
NTE Electronics NTE6403 Silicon Bilateral Switch - Vs 7.9-9V 1A TO-92/98 Ideal For SCR And Triac Phase Control Applications
2 715.00
NTE Electronics NTE6404 Silicon Unilateral Switch - 1.0A TO98
3 216.00
NTE Electronics NTE6409 Transistor Unijunction Silicon TO-18 Ie=50ma Vbb=35V Itr=0.68-0.82 Rbbo=4.7-9.1K Ohm
2 421.00
NTE Electronics NTE6410 Transistor Unijunction Silicon TO-92 Ie=50ma Vbb=35V Itr=0.70-0.85 Rbbo=4.0-9.1K Ohm
1 872.00
NTE Electronics NTE6887 Ic - Schottky Hex High Speed 3-state Buffer With 2 And 4 Line Enable Non-inverting 16-lead DIP
2 067.00
NTE Electronics NTE6888 Ic - Schottky Hex High Speed 3-state Buffer With 2 And 4 Line Enable Inverting 16-lead DIP
1 560.00
NTE Electronics NTE907 Integrated Circuit Diode Array Six Matched Diodes On A Common Substrate 12-lead TO-5 Style Case
6 066.00
NTE Electronics NTE952 Integrated Circuit Precision 2.5V Shunt Regulator Diode To 92
7 137.00
ROHM RB162M-60TR Small signal Schottky barrier diode – PMDU package - Reverse voltage 60 V - Average rectified forward current 1 A - Forward voltage 650 mV - Peak forward surge current 20 A – Junction temperature 150 C – General rectification
8 190.00
Circuit Arrangement
I/O Isolation Voltage
Input Type
Maximum Input Current
Maximum Output Current
Maximum Output Voltage
Output Device
Output Type
Pin Count
Supplier Temperature Grade
Unit of Measure