AIM-Cambridge / Cinch Connectivity Solutions 13-5902 CATV Amplifier
AIM-Cambridge / Cinch Connectivity Solutions 13-5920 CATV Amplifier
CALRAD ELECTRONICS 92-353 Power Amplifier
6 294.00
Carlo Gavazzi S142ARNN115 PHOTO AMP 1CH 2NPN SPDT
112 026.00
Carlo Gavazzi S142ARNT115 PHOTO AMP 1CH NPN SPDT
116 514.00
IXYS Integrated Circuits / Clare CPC5710NTR Fixed Gain Amplifier with Comparator 8-Pin SOIC T/R
2 919.00
IXYS Integrated Circuits / Clare IX9915N Low Voltage Error Amplifier With A 350V Darlington Transistor
2 514.00
Microchip Technology HV254FG-G Amplifier Array 100-Pin MQFP Tray
27 774.00
Microchip Technology HV257FG-G Sample and Hold Amplifier Array 100-Pin MQFP Tray
51 639.00
New Japan Radio NJM2172V-TE1 Operational Amplifier with EVR 14-Pin SSOP T/R
New Japan Radio NJM2172V-TE2 Operational Amplifier with EVR 14-Pin SSOP T/R
3 027.00
New Japan Radio NJM2172V-TE1 Operational Amplifier with EVR 14-Pin SSOP T/R
New Japan Radio NJM2172V-TE2 Operational Amplifier with EVR 14-Pin SSOP T/R
3 027.00
New Japan Radio NJM2204AD Log Amplifier 16-Pin PDIP
1 725.00
NTE Electronics 917 Differential Amplifier 14-Pin PDIP
NTE Electronics NTE1014 Hybrid Module 9-lead SIP RF AMP/OSC Vcc=6V
1 821.00
NTE Electronics NTE1016 Hybrid Module Af Small Signal AMP For Tape Recorders 9-lead SIP
15 897.00
NTE Electronics NTE1039 Integrated Circuit FM/IF Amplifier 8-lead DIP
91 170.00
NTE Electronics NTE1045 Integrated Circuit FM/tv Sound IF AMP Detector 14-lead DIP Vcc=13V
16 872.00
NTE Electronics NTE1082 Hybrid Module FM If AMP 7-lead SIP Vcc=15V
1 107.00
NTE Electronics NTE1110 Integrated Circuit 2 Watt Audio Power AMP 16-lead DIP
267 348.00
NTE Electronics NTE1170 Integrated Circuit Dual Preamp For Car Audio 8-lead SIP
119 721.00
NTE Electronics NTE1179 Integrated Circuit Preamp W/alc Transistors 8-lead DIP
8 112.00
NTE Electronics NTE1215 Integrated Circuit Stereo Equalizer Preamp 16-lead DIP Vcc=15V
92 145.00
NTE Electronics NTE1223 Integrated Circuit Lo-noise Af Preamp 7-lead SIP Vcc=20V
5 841.00
NTE Electronics NTE1234 Integrated Circuit TV FM Sound If AMP 7-lead SIP Vcc=15V
111 936.00
NTE Electronics NTE1236 Integrated Circuit TV/fm Sound If System 14-lead DIP Vcc=30V
111 285.00
NTE Electronics NTE1301 Integrated Circuit AM/FM If AMP 7-lead SIP Vcc=5V
1 869.00
NTE Electronics NTE1433 IC-linear Audio Preamp 7 Lead SIP
1 185.00
NTE Electronics NTE1462 Integrated Circuit Audio Preamp 7-lead SIP Vcc=42V Max
200 187.00
NTE Electronics NTE1463 Integrated Circuit Af 2.3W Power AMP For Tape Recorder 14-lead DIP/tab
195 318.00
NTE Electronics NTE1466 Discontinued
86 952.00
NTE Electronics NTE1491 Integrated Circuit AM RF/if AMP 14-lead DIP Vcc=16V
140 487.00
NTE Electronics NTE15004 Integrated Circuit VCR Remote Control Preamp 8-lead SIP Vcc=15V
60 996.00
NTE Electronics NTE1551 Integrated Circuit TV Video If AMP 16-lead DIP Vcc=12V Typ
208 947.00
NTE Electronics NTE1659 Integrated Circuit Dual Af Pre-amp 8-lead SIP Vcc=16V Max
4 866.00
NTE Electronics NTE1682 Discontinued
98 307.00
NTE Electronics NTE1707 Integrated Circuit Dual 5.5watt/channel Audio Power Output 9-lead SIP Vcc=14V
1 752.00
NTE Electronics NTE1711 Integrated Circuit 2 Head Record AMP For VCR 9-lead SIP Vcc=9V
160 602.00
NTE Electronics NTE1764 Integrated Circuit Infrared Preamplifier Vcc=6V 14-lead DIP
1 425.00
NTE Electronics NTE703A Integrated Circuit RF/if AMP 8-lead Metal Can
1 749.00
NTE Electronics NTE7187 Module-current Amplifier For Video Projectors 15-lead SIP Vcc=38V Max
367 602.00
NTE Electronics NTE721 Integrated Circuit Dual Low Noise Low Lever Preamp 14-lead DIP
17 844.00
NTE Electronics NTE724 Integrated Circuit Differential Cascode AMP 8-lead Metal Can
57 429.00
NTE Electronics NTE727 Integrated Circuit Four Independent Amplifiers 16-lea DIP
3 894.00
NTE Electronics NTE744 Integrated Circuit RF/if AMlifier Vcc=9V 14-lead DIP
196 941.00
NTE Electronics NTE7442 Integrated Circuit Ttl 4-line-to-10-line Bcd To Decimal Decoder 16-lead DIP
60 672.00
NTE Electronics NTE824 Integrated Circuit Low Noise Dual Pre-amplifier 8-pin DIP Internally Compensated Amplifiers
3 681.00
NTE Electronics NTE863 Integrated Circuit Multiple Control Amplifier/comparator 8 Lead DIP
203 106.00
NTE Electronics NTE869 Integrated Circuit Dual High Speed Programmable Current Mode (norton) Amplifier 14 Lead DIP
140 163.00
NTE Electronics NTE917 Integrated Circuit Dual Independent Transistor Array Differential Amplifier 14 Lead DIP
1 086.00
NTE Electronics NTE942 Integrated Circuit Low Noise Dual Preamp 14 Pin DIP
269 619.00
Phoenix Contact 2810269 Switching Amplifier, Configurable Switching Amplifier for Proximity Sensor
68 535.00
Phoenix Contact 2865450 Ex i NAMUR isolating amplifier For operating proximity sensors and switches in Ex areas. The signals are transmitted via 2 relay outputs (N/O contact) to the safe area. Line fault detection (LFD) - 3-way isolation - SIL 2.
69 663.00
Phoenix Contact MACX MCR-SL-NAM-2RO NAMUR signal conditioner for operating proximity sensors and switches. The signals are transferred to the control level using 2 isolated relay outputs (N/O contact). Line fault detection (LFD) - 3-way electrical isolation - SIL 2 - screw connection.
65 484.00
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